Endless Online

Endless Online 0.28

An interesting 2-D RPG game with colorful chjaracters
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Endless Online is a freeware online 2-D RPG game with a small but promising community.
It's very easy to download and install, but running the game is a little bit tricky.
By default, the configuration points to a server IP address that is not valid, you have to run the 'Setup Endless Online' application and specify a valid option from the dropdown box. Once you do that,you will enter the game normally.
After a few minutes, I was able to create a new user account and to set up a new character.
Well the game itself is not the big thing...just like another RPG. I was very lost, when suddenly some other player appeared, teaching me the basics. That was very nice!
Anyway, like in any RPG game you need many hours to understand the basics. Meanwhile, you can get some fun chatting with the rest of users, they are friendly.

Particularly, this kind of games are not one of my favorites, but I know a lot of people who really likes them. And, if you add the possibility to play and interact with other people at real time, you can have a good time.

Review summary


  • Very interesting, experience,
  • possibility of talking to others on-line


  • Graphics need to be polished a little bit
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